What We Do


Isolation, loneliness, and stigma are three major roadblocks on the journey to recovery. A Place to Belong strives to remove these roadblocks for people with serious mental illness by providing a variety of services.

Over the years we have served over 800 individuals; we currently have 334 active members (June 2018) between club locations. We provide a sense of belonging through socialization. To accomplish this, we offer leisure and recreational activities, access to nutritious food and meals, access to computer and Internet services, laundry facilities, educational opportunities, and access to community activities.  We also encourage our members to engage in community service. Successful recovery depends upon locating necessary services; we help our members make those essential connections.  Membership is free.


Participated with the United Way backpack food program in the schools.

Collaborated with local churches in serving Meals by Wheels.

Worked with the United Way in mobile food distribution.

Over 5000 meals are prepared annually with the food we provide.

Established a vibrant camping program with five camp outings annually.

Participated in community gardens.

Established hydroponic gardens.

Experienced significant growth in membership and attendance annually.

Graduated three Certified Peer Specialists.


Our members report that A Place To Belong is their lifeline to success in their journey. One member sent us a letter stating, “this club literally saved my life. I had planned to end my life, then you sent me to ‘Trans$m’ where they helped me get work and even start my own business….Nowhere else can you come and spill your guts and get nothing but love and support”.

Another member reported that before coming to A Place To Belong she lived in her pajamas, getting dressed only to go to the doctor, then returning home and getting back into her pajamas. After 2 years of active membership at AP2B, she was Volunteer of the Year with over 300 hours volunteer time. She has since attended Certified Peer Specialist training, has serviced on our Board of Directors, and is an active volunteer.

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