Our members report that A Place To Belong is their lifeline to success in their recovery. Without A Place to Belong, they feel they would have no other place to go during the day or anyone to understand them. Isolated and alone in their home, the darkness of mental illness draws any person further away from society. Our members find friendships, unconditional understanding, and a sense of belonging.

One member sent us a letter stating, “this club literally saved my life. I had planned to end my life, then you sent me to ‘Trans$m’ where they helped me get work and even start my own business….Nowhere else can you come and spill your guts and get nothing but love and support”.

Another member reported that before coming to A Place To Belong she lived in her pajamas, getting dressed only to go to the doctor, then returning home and getting back into her pajamas. After 2 years of active membership at AP2B, she was Volunteer of the Year with over 300 hours volunteer time. She has since attended Certified Peer Specialist training, served on our Board of Directors, and is an active volunteer.

When members are feeling alone and sad, they know that they can come into their club and find a friend to talk to and share their feelings. Members state that “you can always find someone who understands you.” Having friends is important to everyone and it is no different at A Place To Belong. Our members make friends and often mentor another member.

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